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"I was Changed By Rock and Roll"

Musings on shows and introspective resolution. Yeah right.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

It's gonna ride on til the end...

I've been out with Steel Train for two days now, and already I'm overwhelmed with decisions about the story, which I may or may not have more time with the band to write. Here's some of the things that are possibilities, just so I can remember them as they come up:

First night: "I love two things == Jesus And Drugs." -- homeless man ,the show, after Jack, Evan, and I give him a dollar each. Our money went to a good spot.

Jam inside, with Daniel, the tour manager writing a new song on the spot. A great example of the kind of thing that would have impressed me 5 years ago and now seems totally natural. OF COURSE the band jams with their tour manager, of course everyone plays music, of coruse it's loose. But it still sounds so sexy on paper.

Fans at that first night show: The band hasn't played florida for two years, yet 60 people still show up to see them, including two girls the band haven't seen since then (one member, unnamed, works that angle, two other work it elsewhere, and all claim "this doesn't happen much." We'll see...)I talked to one guy who saw them open for Finch of all bands, and he said he was the only person when he saw them who even liked them a little - which makes sense, I mean, that's the weirdest thing about this band is where their fans came from. We talked about that last night for a while, the label situation, and they understand the weirdness but of coruse want fans from wherever they can get them. Last night, at the hotel, five girls and a guy whe were obviously underage and obviously at langerado walked in and the guys started talking to them, trying to get them to go to the late-night show. Quote of the night: "Mom, he's not hitting on me, he wants me to see his band!" Later, Jack: "Um, isn't that hitting on you?" Gold.

After the first show, they did an outdoor two-song mini-set (Allycat, Blown Away, W. 12th St) after a comment from Jack onstage when a fan requested "AlleyCat" IT's this kind of thing that really sets this band apart -- yeah, small bands love their fans, but these guys go more than out of the way.

Right now, at this moment, Jack and Evan are sitting on the couch in our hotel room writing a song -- straight Billy Bragg/Wilco style. Not surprising, since all of today was spent talking about wilco, swimming while talking about wilco, and wathcing, well, wilco. Who were amazing tonight, 9/10 on my sliding Wilco scale. "Monday" and "Forget The Flowers!" Where did those come from?

"The Carters did it, that's why I wanted to do it." -- Matt

So much more, but I'm...under duress. I hope I have a bit more time to write. Here are some pictures.


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