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"I was Changed By Rock and Roll"

Musings on shows and introspective resolution. Yeah right.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Where is my iPod?

This is the question I ask myself sitting in St. Louis musicless. It was a devastating discovery that I hope is short lived -- but for now, yes, I am pod-less. Hopefully it is in LA. If not, I may soon discover this new "iPod Video" I keep hearing all about.

Aw, fuck it. It was 3 years old anyways.

Colorado: Skiing, not much of it because we slept in, but I rocked the slopes if I do say so myself. It was EMPTY out there, maybe 100 people on the slopes, which didn't hurt. No bunny runs for me -- straight to green.

I rocked the Hump at Karaoke, and bailed before I could see whether it was a DOP. I think yes. So does Dave.

Kansas City Harrahs: How do I love you? You are 59 dollars a night, have a huge breakfast buffet, and gave me $150 of my fellow gambler's money. I've seen you before, and I very well may see you again.

St. Louis: Has a bread place owned by Panera and a mexican place owned by Chipotle. And fucking freezing brick buildings with basements straight out of "Blair Witch." I'm doing my laundry down there right now. Will stand in a corner later.

Tonight: Joe's, a renovated house that's now a word-of-mouth blues club. Tomorrow: City Museum and country line dancing. I love that my brother has discovered these places. It gives me hope.



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