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"I was Changed By Rock and Roll"

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Holla we want prenup!


When I got the e-mail from J. at HOB on Friday that I had two tix waiting for me for Kanye West, I was pretty fired up. Unlike most hip-hop performers (and, really, Kanye IS unlike most hip hop performers anyways) he's a great live act; when I saw him at the HOB two years ago I was floored by his presence. But that was when Kanye West wasn't yet Kanye West, the best producer, rapper, and -dare I say - musician on the planet, before he worked with Jon Brion and Adam Levine and before, even "Through the Wire."

So I was excited for the show. You know.

Court picked me up and we raced in, got there JUST in time, before "New Workout Plan." And as I rapped and sang along with the black industry dude next to me and the white superfan in front of me, what kept dawning on me were just how many fucking GREAT songs Kanye West has managed to release in just two short years. I mean, here they go, from the top of my head: "New Workout Plan," that album opener (featuring Adam LEvine, BORN for hip-hop-harmony), "Golddigger" with Jaime Foxx gloating and acting like Ray Charles (a little weird, but, hey, he can do anything at this point, right kids?) the song with patty lebelle, the two songs with common, I'm missing, you know, "Through the Wire" (just teased, which is fine), "Diamands from Sierra Leone," and a ton more.

You know, virtually every song was a great one. I wish I'd been able to see his band -- they were hidden behind opaque screens, but you could see Miri-Ben-Ari getting down, and she looked great -- but that's my only criticism. No "he can't control a crowd' or "he resorts to tired hip-hop fundamentals" or, even, "it sounds dull after and hour, and 90 minutes is pushing it." His braggadacio, even, doesn't bother me; when he says "This is the best show you've ever seen in your life," it's definitively NOT (not even the best of the year *echem* Green Day *echem*) but, for this music critic, it'll be the best of the month. And December's a solid month.

Can he maintain? A year ago, I thought he was crazy to release another album so soon. Now, I'm not so sure. Hey's Kanye. He can do whatever he wants.


At 9:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kanye played a Santa Monica High School.

At 9:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kanye played a Santa Monica High School.


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