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"I was Changed By Rock and Roll"

Musings on shows and introspective resolution. Yeah right.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Saint Louie

I'm in St. Louis for the last day, and it was a trip and a half. Last night I learned how to two-step and scared away a bunch of country-kids at Wild Country, where, at midnight, they have a Thong Contest. It's also 18 to get in.

Most of the contestants had black ink on their hands. I should have entered in the men's competition. I would have rocked the pretty-boys.

That was after my first (and hopefully not last) visit to The City Museum, the namesake for teh new band and one of the coolest places I've ever been to in my life. Here's how I explained it to A.R.:

First you're in a forest and then BAM it's a mirrored hall and then BAM you're crawling in an air-duct and then BAM you're at the shoolace factory and then BAM you're sliding down a slide and then BAM there's someone playing classical piano in an empty room. It's like a huge art installation/playground all in one. Totally amazing. Pix online at:


I'm ready to go home, back to the "real" world (which this week will involve attempting to stow away on the Dave Matthews cruise, drive cross-country with Steel Train, and getting free T-mobile phone and service.) Lots of shows, lots of people to see, lots of things to take care of.

For now, though: Karaoke.



At 11:20 PM, Anonymous joey said...

That floor where the shoe factory is - that's where I had my senior formal in college. Ugh, I actually miss st. louis for the good times like that.


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