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"I was Changed By Rock and Roll"

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wilco, Chicago, night 3

The Setlist:
Blue Eyed Soul
Remember the Mountain Bed #
Bob Dylan's 49th Beard #
Hesitating Beauty #
That's Not The Issue #
Wishful Thinking
You Are My Face
Side With the Seed
Shot in the Arm
We're just Friends
Handshake Drugz
How To Fight Loneliness #
Jesus Etc #
Should've Been In Love
Pick Up the Change #
Walken @
I'm the Man Who Loves You @


Set II:
Via Chicago
Impossible Germany
She's a Jar
Do you Miss Me
Box Full of Letters
Always In Love
Hate It Here #@
Late Greats #@
Red Eyed & Blue #
I Got You #
Monday @
e: My Darling
e2: Can't Stand It @


Anyone who's ever followed a band closely knows that the setlist doesn't tell the whole story; on paper, this third night should've been a jawdropper. 5 rarities to open, an encore that included a song that hadn't been played in a decade, horns, andrew bird, and a roaring second set.

But instead, it came up short: the band seemed a bit stiff (though Nels certainly gave Via Chicago his all) and some of the older songs -- "Always In Love," "Do You Miss Me" -- were rough around the edges. The audience, too, was missing some of that urgency, probably due to the bitter, blistering cold outside.

Still, there was magic: hearing "We're Just Friends" for the first time reminded me of how I used to feel about that song in college (and unfortunately prompted a text message I'd rather forget;) "Hate It Here" exploded with horns to be a soul-drenched frenzy, and, motsly, "How To Fight Loneliness," re-arranged into a samba shuffle, Glenn Kotche barely touching the cymbal that propelled the song.

Wilco sliding scale: 7. But a solid one.

Tonight....well, Pieholden Suite!

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