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"I was Changed By Rock and Roll"

Musings on shows and introspective resolution. Yeah right.

Saturday, October 21, 2006


I'm in this conundrum about how to write this Les Claypool story that I'm working on. You see, I had lunch with Sr. Claypool the other day and he was a thoughoughly alright and decent fellow, but after transcribing our three-hour conversation Im beginning to think I asked him all the wrong questions. And I wish that I was willing to just take the easy route with him, at least at some point, and ask the questions I know the answer to instead of asking all these other questions that don't make a good story. Damnit!

In other news: last night Dave and I went to see Yo La Tengo and it wsa good but they were LOW KEY. Like, sleepytime gorilla museum low key. Which may explain why I passed out at the Boom Boom Room during the Al Howard/K23 set right afterwards.

In OTHER other news, every time a train passes Dave's apartment, I duck under the desk.

In OTHER OTHER OTHER news, I watched the CityStock video of Indie Rocker today and began thinking about how excited I'll be in July next year for CityStock II, assuming I don't get sidetracked by this new job thingie and become a real member of society before then. Please don't let me do that kids.

In OTHER OTHER OTHER OTHER news, Vegoose's lineup is the best divide for a festie ever, though Im bummed that Tom Petty won't be in the stadium, mostly because it was kind of cool to be in the back there but it will kind of suck to be in the back of a field for his set. I've done that twice already this summer. I wanted to see him rock the Stadium, yo!

In OTHER OTHER OTHER OTHER OTHER news, I never blogged about the detour festie, but it was the shit. Beck was phenomenal. Here's a picture of him and my friend Rob. I'm proud of Rob.

In OTHER OTHER OTHER OTHER OTHER OTHER news. I'm bored. I was super productive today. Now it's time to party. Where's Dave?


At 4:49 AM, Anonymous monica said...

So...I don't actually see a photo of Beck and Rob...

At 8:12 AM, Anonymous Alex Rose said...

dude, where is the photo


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