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Friday, July 07, 2006

Personal to Monica


Thanks for the comment/email. I saw the private beck show at Sony Studios. It was for "friends and family" of the band; I'm lucky enough to be good friends with one of his puppeteers. Were you there?

Do I know you? How'd you find the page?

Any way you slice it, glad you're reading!!



At 7:00 PM, Anonymous monica said...

hi. no, you don't know me--i found your page because i was googling blogs for recent mentions of beck! i thought, hmm, never heard about that secret show....because usually "secret" shows aren't secret for long. it's so cool that you're friends with one of the puppeteers! i hope they're having fun on the tour. it looks like fun but also a lot of hard work. (i haven't seen any shows on this tour, but i've seen people writing about the puppets and a few video clips (go youtube!))

thanks for the personal post!! :D


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