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"I was Changed By Rock and Roll"

Musings on shows and introspective resolution. Yeah right.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

10/26/05: I live a bizzare life

So here's a tidbit from my life:

Today, I was planning on going to moe. in Anaheim. Santa Barbara I slept through their set as Xingolati and waking up to write for four days in a row (plus 4 shows and 2 parties in 2 days) all caught up to me. So, Anaheim.

Then I get a call that there's a ticket for me from meg (thanks meg) for the Johnny Cash show, which I heard had Foo Fighters, U2, Dave Matthews, and many more.

I bail on moe. ("Dude, I'd bail too, don't sweat it" -- Kevin. Thanks, Kevin.)

I go to the show. I wait in line, wait for meg after the line goes in, fuckers aren't even going to let me in, Phil Gallo shows up, bam! extra tickets, cut the line, go in great seats.

Then (and here's where it gets weird) I see Topher Grace. Topher you may know from That 70s show or Traffic. But his best friend in high school was my college roommate, Dave (who, for the record, also went on "Trip" with Alex and I).

So: Topher. I say hi.

Now, think about where we're at. I'm at a tv taping of a show that's airing nationwide with some of the biggest artists in the world talking to a movie star who lived with my college roommate. I'm there for free, and I'm there because I ditched another great show -- that I also would have gone to for...wait for it...free.

Oh, by the way: Foo Fighters pre-taped their song, and sucked. They didn't show the U2 song, Dave Matthews didn't play, and Jerry Lee Lewis was cut off.

I should have gone to moe.


ps: Thanks to all the Xingolati partiers who've e-mailed me about the blog. I really appreciate you reading. See you all in Vegas!